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Thread: Fantasy Fellrunning 2018

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    The Modern Prometheans

    Old Team
    Chris Holdsworth : 5 pints
    Tom Adams 4 pints
    Andy Swift : 3 pints
    Melanie Blackhurst : 1 pint

    Bit late for last weekend but can I change Tom Adams for Karl Grey? Should have had him in from the start !

    New Team
    Chris Holdsworth : 5 pints
    Karl Gray: 4 pints
    Andy Swift : 3 pints
    Melanie Blackhurst : 1 pint


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    Quote Originally Posted by BillJ View Post
    Here's a list of all the counters - correct me if anyone spots a mistake:

    2018/03/11 Edale Skyline
    2018/04/14 Mourne Highline
    2018/05/06 Clough Head
    2018/06/02 Duddon (LCT)
    2018/06/09 Tal Y Mignedd [first round of cup]
    2018/06/09 Ennerdale (LCT)
    2018/06/23 Buttermere Horseshoe [second round of cup]
    2018/07/14 Sea to Summit [third round of cup]
    2018/07/14 Wasdale (LCT)
    2018/08/04 Borrowdale (LCT)
    2018/08/11 Turner Landscape [cup quarter finals]
    2018/09/01 Ben Nevis [cup semi finals]
    2018/09/15 Cautley Horseshoe [cup final]
    2018/09/15 Three Shires (LCT)
    2018/10/13 Langdale (LCT)

    Details on the cup to follow, after Clough Head.
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    The cup knockout will start at Tal Y Mignedd on 9th June.
    We've got Duddon before that (2nd June) but since there's only a week between Duddon and TyM, I'll post all the information about the cup now, so that you've time to post a cup team.

    The cup rules will be slightly different to how they used to be, with teams of 6 rather than 4:

    Each of the remaining national championship races will host a round of the cup, starting with TyM and ending with the cup final at Cautley Horseshoe on 15th Sep.

    You choose 6 runners to represent you in the cup tie. Two of these runners must be from your league team, but the other four can be anyone you like. There is no need to have a mix of men and women and its irrelevant how many pints they cost. This is our chance to select the very best runners. Who do you think will win?

    Points for each runner are scored in exactly the same way as the normal league scoring, and the team with the higher score will go through to the next round, eliminating their opponents.

    You can change your team any number of times, as long as its before the start of the race (the first start if there are separate mens and womens starts).

    If you don't post a team, your normal league team will represent you, with only 4 runners.

    If you get through to subsequent rounds, you must post a new team for each tie, otherwise it will again be your normal league team who will represent you, not the team you posted for the previous tie.

    Since we have more than 64 teams, a few of the first round ties will be between 3 teams - only one of the three will go through.
    The draw for the first round, at Tal Y Mignedd on 9th June, is:

    4 Mucky Bums - vs - The Living Dead
    Baa-room back-enders - vs - You Aint Seen Me,Right
    Belle Isle be damned - vs - The Usual Suspects
    Bloodsweatandbeers - vs - Leffensherry
    Cheap Hills - vs - A Case For Holmes & Watson
    Cobbled Classics - vs - Keep on baggin
    Favourite Fellsters - vs - Worsthorne Warriors
    Herbertís Harriers - vs - For whom the fell tolls
    King Carl and his cronies - vs - Late Arrivals
    Kunama Kings - vs - Mappers Marvels
    Marrows Mervyns - vs - X Talents
    Mo Jonesy's Favourites - vs - Queen Vic & the Fresh Princes
    Nee Chance - vs - fell runners feet
    New Life's Good - vs - The inov-8ers
    Not a clue - vs - White Peak Lyf-style Coaches
    Olympic Athletes of Russia - vs - Kirstyís worth 1/2 a shandy bass
    Orrest 'Ed - vs - Simply the vest
    Otleyterati - vs - Peak Power
    Pi Eta - vs - mighty mighted
    Porridge and Jelly Babies - vs - Team Doping
    Raho's Rascals - vs - Fellowship Of The Fell
    Rebels with Mudclaws - vs - Total Chancers
    Richie's Cunning Ham - vs - Pigtails Plodders
    Running Scared - vs - Brighty Bunch
    The K Team - vs - Footloose Four
    Vicarious Victory - vs - Tick Follows Tock
    Zenit St PeterEccleston - vs - Cruel to be Kinder

    Dan's slackers - vs - No Felling Chance - vs - Brizzas AllStars
    Helvellyn Harriers - vs - Amateur Carpet Runners - vs - Tiggers dream team
    Modern Prometheans - vs - Pride of Pendle - vs - Four Studs
    No Idea - vs - Four Non-Blondes - vs - Tonkin Tumblers
    Upfell Top Rankin - vs - Harry Holme's Tea Time - vs - Gang of Four

    Pigtails Plodders are the current cup holders. The virtual trophy must be somewhere in Pigtail's attic, ready to be dusted off.
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    As a Blades fan, I enjoy a good cup run (usually makes up for underwhelming league performance...)

    Upfell Top Rankin

    From league team:
    Harry Holmes
    Bronwen Jenkinson

    Cup players (getting ready to dust off tracksuits):
    Vic Wilkinson
    Hannah Horsburgh
    Simon Bailey
    Dan Haworth

    Cheers Bill, I think Iíve got my head around posting cup squad, but pull me up if Iíve got it wrong.

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    Caitlin Rice & Nic Barber from league team

    Victoria Wilkinson
    Simon Bailey
    Loughborough resident: Nichola Jackson
    Loughborough University graduate: Sam Tosh
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    Team for the cup:
    Sharon Taylor and Jack Wood from my team
    Plus Simon Bailey, Sam Tosh, Vic Wilkinson and Hannah Horseburgh

    No longer "resting"

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    Inov-8ers cup team

    Please can I have:

    Jack Wood & Andy Swift (from league team)
    Joshua Jardine
    Victoria Wilkinson
    Sam Tosh
    Caitlin Rice


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    My cup team (whatever I'm called)

    From the team: Nichola Jackson and Harry Holmes.

    From the wiser fell-running community:
    Carl Bell
    Vic WIlkinson
    Jack Wood
    Emma Gould
    Nic Barber. Downhill Dandy

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    Its a secret!
    New Life's Good

    Sharon and Andy from league team.

    Si Bailey
    Vic Wilkinson
    Nichola Jackson
    Caitlin Rice

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    Billy and Megan from the league team please, plus Carl Bell, Si Bailey, Vic Wilkinson and Steve Franklin. Ta!

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