Thanks for that.
I'm now at the stage ( about 8 weeks in) of trying to get as full a range of movement as possible before starting strengthening. I have follow-up x-rays and a consultant visit in a fortnight just to make sure the bone has set in the right place.
I'm running fine but am keeping off proper fells for a while longer because of the risk of falling causing a re-fracture. I'm restricting myself to 'mild' cross country, parkruns, track and road.
Sadly, my NHS physio has been dreadful so I've gone back to seeing my regular (private) sports physiotherapist, who's absolutely brilliant. Luck of the draw I guess, and not a judgement on the NHS, although there seems to be some kind of local policy which prevents physios from having any physical contact with patients. This seems very odd and has made it impossible for the hospital physio to undertake any meaningful assessment of my injury.