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Thread: Groovy Kinder Love

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    Hi - does anyone know the cut offs for this this year? Thanks.

    "There is a three hour cut off at Broad Clough. Anybody arriving after that time will be required to head directly back to the finish."

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    Llani Boy finishing in an impressive position today.

    Also noticed IanR in 4th (and also ran well at Grisedale last weekend)

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    Thanks Trav's and also to Dr Patrick Barry and his team for putting on a great race which even had EOD, which hopefully might catch on !

    I really enjoyed it and could have got round a bit quicker if I hadn't veered from my planned route from Edale Rocks to Broad Clough and then avoided the schoolboy error in the concentration department of, after the last checkpoint, missing the gate onto the Snake Path and following the path beside the wall to Park Hall and ending up on the main road at Little Hayfield and a blast to the finish where I had to run up the outside of the funnel to get into it!
    I had realised my mistake before Park Hall and it crossed my mind to cut back across the fields to my left but that would have involved climbing walls, fences and upsetting farmers. I can be sensible sometimes! Around a mile extra and 3 places lost.

    I would certainly recommend this tough race and hopefully will be back to nail it next year!

    Oh yes, it was great to catch up with IanR before and after the race. He came 4th.
    Visibility good except in Hill Fog

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