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Thread: BGR Friday 25/05/18 11pm

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    BGR Friday 25/05/18 11pm

    Hi there,

    I'm currently almost at taper period for my round..just a long session over legs 1, 2 and perhaps 5 next Tuesday 1st May overnight...then the national 3 peaks over the weekend but luckily as part of a slow litter pick over 3 days. Its a 'dry' run of the actual round starting at 11pm. Anybody fancying an all nighter on 23-24hr pace, welcome.
    Still looking for some back up cover for my round as well, but the team seems to be coming together nicely.
    I think I may be a more familiar name on the facebook page, having posted a lot about my training over this winter, in deep snow (UK various locations!) and in the sun (La Palma! steepest island in the world..apparently!)
    If you are interested in supporting my round I can add you to a developing whats app group 07800 767519
    Regardless of that, I would like to leave you with this bit of advice..train hard with a 7.5kg pack over the winter or a few months out from your round then take it off and finish training..I feel like I am flying! Just trying to avoid going too fast for me and getting injured last few weeks.
    Enjoy it out there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PCD View Post
    I think I may be a more familiar name on the facebook page,
    That is probably true, would not think many people on here know anybody called PCD.

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    Good luck. Iím not on FB. The litter sweep sounds a noble enterprise

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