Next Junior Champs fell race is May 19th in Malham. Details below.
KCAC would like to welcome all runners to the Malham Kirby Fell races on 19th May.
A few pointers and links are below to help ensure all goes as smoothly as possible.
Race link is:

Parking is on the Malham Show car park field, on RHS as you enter the village from the ‘usual’ direction. Price £3. From there, there will be signposts directing you to registration.
The walk is approx 15-20mins, so please allow time. There will be toilets at the car park and at registration, there are also toilets in the National Trust Car Park
Once at the race field there will be 2 main tents, 1 for registration, 1 for tea / coffee and cake.
Race price, U9 and U11 free, U13-U19 £2, seniors £3.
Registration will open at approx 9-30, the first race is off at 11. The next race will go off once ALL runners are accounted for, no earlier than that.
For all junior races, there will be a starting pen and kit will be checked for those races that require it. The runners will then be counted before lining up and starting.
I know this is a hot topic at the moment. For all races from U13 upwards minimum kit of waterproof jacket will be expected to be carried. Spot checking before-hand and in the finishing funnel will also take place. Certain marshals will be actively monitoring juniors carrying kit, those mid-course without it will have their numbers taken and details passed to the FRA.
With current weather forecast, kit is likely to be just waterproof jacket, BUT ALL SHOULD BRING BEST PRACTICE KIT OF WATERPROOF JACKET, TROUSERS, HAT and GLOVES as weather may change and runners should be prepared to carry it or wear it. Please could all runners and parents be aware of this. KCAC has no wish to report any indiscretions to the FRA, but we will if necessary.

The response time from on the hill for an emergency may be 15-30mins. As guidance, whilst it may be a nice at the start line, on the hill it will be much cooler, so please consider this is a long time for an injured Junior to be awaiting emergency treatment. If kit is always carried it is at worst an education opportunity for the Junior (and Parent!)
The U9, U11, U13, U15 and U17 courses are all very similar to the last time this race was run in 2016. There has been a minor alteration to the U19 and senior route. It has been altered to an out and back approach. This gives a fairer course, better running and a better descent from the top down the gully used in the U17 race.
There are maps on the link at the top.
KCAC is looking forward to welcoming you all and having an excellent day of racing with (hopefully) similar weather to 2016.