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Thread: Altimeter query

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    Altimeter query

    Iíve just got a new altimeter (Suunto Core Crush) and Iíve set it to my home altitude. However over the course of 6hours itís gained 10m in height. The weather has changed from overcast to sunny. Is this to be expected?

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    Yes, it work on air pressure just like the barometer on you wall.
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    Generally only if it has moved. Not sure on the specifics of the crush but I have an old Sunnto Core black. Setting the altitude basically calibrates the barometrics. The assumption then is that any changes in pressure will be due to change in altitude if moving or atmospheric if stationary. Over time it will gradually drift out especially if you get a large sudden change in atmospheric pressure. If you are wearing it a lot you'll need to recalibrate it more frequently but as you know your home altitude you will be easily able to know when that's required. Hope that helps!

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    Seems to be a really useful device. When the altimeter tells you that your home is getting higher, you know there's a storm coming.
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    Quote Originally Posted by anthonykay View Post
    When the altimeter tells you that your home is getting higher, you know there's a storm coming.
    Possibly, or an unknown volcano underneath your house.

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