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Thread: WildBoar Fell Trig busted

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    Quote Originally Posted by anthonykay View Post
    And the "good guy" ended up in Leicester Cathedral.

    Yep. That's the problem with dying. Your body can be dumped just about anywhere...even Leicester...and you can't do a thing about it.
    " dry as the Atacama desert".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mossdog View Post
    I emailed the Kirkby Stephen Rotary Yomp Course Coordinator who replied that "one of our Yomp marshals at that checkpoint is a professional stone-waller and he has offered to rebuild it. We shall keep him reminded of it".

    So, looks like it will be fixed. Great news!
    Fantastic, many thanks for following this up.


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    Hummmmmmm..... ran up last week and it still wasn't fixed

    Quote Originally Posted by Pyrenees Haven View Post
    Fantastic, many thanks for following this up.

    “My actions are my only true belongings.”

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