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Thread: Mitts for bad circulation

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    Mitts for bad circulation

    I know it's crackin' t'flags at the mo but I recently did the 5 Passes in bad conditions on the tops and my poor circulation (Renaulds) in my hands could have left me in a tricky position if I hadn't run with friends. Once my hands get wet they get cold very quickly and are then useless for ages. I had put on some mountaineering mitts but they had a fleece glove inside. This got very wet and my fingers had no feeling in them so couldn't put the gloves back on properly once I'd taken them off to get stuff out of my sac. I ended up borrowing some mitt 'inners' from a mate's two piece Mountain Equipment mitt. I think that what I need is a Large decent quality waterproof mitt with a mitt liner (ie not a glove) that is permanently fixed inside so that I can easily take it on and off. Anybody got any suggestions? I am well aware that I'll look a numper running round in mitts when to most people it's not even very cold but I'm past caring about that.

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    Buffalo dp mit with a cotton/merino inner glove does me fine. Not hugely waterproof but although compromising the breathability of the buffalo you could put an additional outer layer on.

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    As I keep saying on similar threads are you sure your body is warm enough? The first response of a cooling/cold body is to reduce blood flow to the hands.

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    Thanks for that, Pete.
    Mike - Yes, body is warm. I can be running on a summers day and sweating profusely but if I get a breeze on my hands whilst they are wet from sweat I immediately start losing circulation. It's rubbish.

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    The Mrs get this too. montane prism mitts do the trick over any other glove.

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    Another vote for the Montane Prisms. Light pack-able and warm. Here is a good selection of mitts

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    Quote Originally Posted by fishbulb View Post
    Thanks for the link sbrt.
    Hi Simon,

    I'm in a similar situation but nothing as severe as your's.

    Have you had the condition 'officially' diagnosed as Renaulds? The reason I ask; an ex colleague who never missed cycling to and from work everyday (30 miles round trip) for many years and didn't carry an ounce of fat, assumed that he suffered from Reynaulds and wore thick cycling mitts even in summer. Just 12 months ago, in his early 70's, whilst out cycling and wearing thick mitts, he suffered a massive coronary and died at the scene.
    The post mortem revealed that he had a long standing blockage in his circulatory system, which could have been cleared with a simple procedure, if it had been diagnosed.

    I was a bit of an oddball until I was abducted by aliens; but I'm perfectly OK now!

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    That's very interesting (if a bit scary). I will look into that. Thanks. very much appreciated.

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