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Thread: Kilian bg attempt

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrPatrickBarry View Post
    Professionals/Amateurs! Completly pointless discussion. A time is a time regardless of who set it. As the recent GPS debate has hightlighted you can have all sorts of debates about who has adavantages. I don't think anybody could argue that a Keswick based runner has advantages over a Lincoln based runner, do we have different records for them?

    Never mind the invaluable support requried throughout the day from "amateur" runners.

    It was a great day and I loved trawling though social media trying to get snippits of information about his progress.
    Totally agree, I’ve run with guys who did some phenomenal things both on the fells and on the roads in their youth, if they’d been born 60 years later then perhaps they would have been contracted to run for some company or other, but I’ve never heard any of them lament the fact that this never happened, they just enjoyed the running for what it was and still is, generally a great day out with other like minded folk, I’m sure that Salomon/ Inov8 or whoever would have been hammering on Billy Blands door if he was running today, does this fact bother him? I would guess no

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    pretty impressive but he's never won a lakeland classic so I'm still better than him
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    I was one of the romantics who felt that such a record should and would be better held by a Lakelander but I have changed my mind on that. From what I have read the way that KJ approached this and secured a support team of fell legends demonstrates the camaraderie we all feel and from wherever we come a commonality of being in the mountains. records are set to be broken and it just so happens that last weekend an absolute legend came across and broke one of the most iconic of all records. Bravo to all those involved.

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    Hankís photo says itís all to me. The lad did his BG in good style

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    I've just heard that Billy's record will be reinstated following Brexit. The cabinet were torn - Teresa got her way in the end. Like a few on here, she doesn't like these foreign types taking local records from local people.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Derby Tup View Post
    Hank’s photo says it’s all to me. The lad did his BG in good style
    Spot on DT. This amateur/ professional argument is a nonsense. Different times and different approaches to a sport that KJ clearly loves as much as any that came before him. Perhaps the club should consider a rule that all attempts should be undertaken in an overcoat with compulsory pumps as footwear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Southdownharrier View Post
    Perhaps the club should consider a rule that all attempts should be undertaken in an overcoat with compulsory pumps as footwear.
    Aye! Und ivery yan will hev tae spake like owd Billy afore them's let oot on t' rund!

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