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Thread: Fell Running results data

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    You sort of need to think of PDFs as consisting of two layers. One layer is just a photo of the document it has been created from, that is the bit you can see. The second layer would be plain text representation of that documnet. A PDF has has been "printed" from, for instance, MS Word or Excel, would have both layers. While a scanned PDF would only have the "photo" layer.

    The former is what allows the likes of Google to include PDFs in search results. In the latter case you are into the area of OCR (Optical character recognition) which is problamatic. Any results PDFs are much more likely to have been produced using the former method and you have much better chances of success there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blairg View Post
    You may need to refresh a couple of times to see the new functionality. Are you using a PC/Laptop or smart phone?
    Thanks Blairg, found it. I use laptop or PC; never had a smart phone. I like the sound of self-service combining of results too. It's an excellent resource.

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    Thanks for the info on PDF. It feels like a nice problem to solve. Iíll have a crack and see how I get on. Be a good learning exercise if anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blairg View Post
    Yes, they are separate per club. Iím working on a new feature where you can select multiple people and munge them together. So if you have run for different clubs you will be able to get a single view rather than separate. Rather than me or anyone else manually doing this, self service feels best for this.
    But if the entries are separate by accident could you merge them? I (Pauline Linton) appear three times - FRA, Unattached, Unknown. Obviously my fault for filling in the "Club" line differently over the years but if all the entries could be merged (maybe as Unattached (or FRA but that's not technically a club) into one, that would be very nice.

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