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Thread: Attempt on 21st July...

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    Quote Originally Posted by benshep View Post
    Skiddaw in clag in the dark and strong wind was like a living hell Dan.
    Down to the company or the condition?
    Dan Wilkinson - Ilkley Harriers

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    Thank you all for your comments, much appreciated.

    The problem is that we have a narrow window. Looks like it will be dark 10.40 - 04.30. Would it be much better to shift forward a few hours so that we are doing Red Pike to the end at that time rather than Broad Crag to Great Gable? Or would we be better going anticlockwise?

    Is there a GPX route you particularly recommend?

    Thanks again for the help.


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    Having been on Gable in the dark before, it's not the funnest place (especially if the mist comes in), though I was having to move at a much quicker pace than a BG schedule.
    Nic Barber. Downhill Dandy

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    Midnight and 7pm are popular times. I would go for midnight. You get the dawn on the Dodds. If you are on schedule you would be well into leg five when needing the lights again. Asking these questions at this late stage are you sure you are ready for this? Drop a private message on here with your email address I can email a gpx file.

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    DrPat asks a serious question about being ready. The BG is not a ‘oh, I fancy testing myself and my fitness at the weekend’ challenge

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    In addition to what DT says. The success ratio on the BGR currently varies between 1 in 2 and around 1 in 2.5 and that's amongst contenders who've reccied the Round.

    At the moment we are experiencing a very dry and settled spell of weather but conditions do change and understanding just where you are rather than being some point along a GPX trace is vital should something untoward happen. If you aren't familiar with the area then some parts are very confusing and you could very easily end up in the wrong valley with a long walk/run to get to help. At the very least get the BMC/Harvey's Lake District map.

    Without me you'd be one place nearer the back

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    Given you have not reccied the route I would suggest that you seriously reconsider your start time so that it is light over leg 3 and leg 4. If you have the hill fitness to complete a round, you will be giving yourself the best chance. Setting of over unknown terrain with no pacers in the dark is just asking for trouble, but you might get away with it if you set off between 00:00 and 02:00. Alternatively, depending on how optimistic you are about completing the entire round, then stick to your original plan but it might end up as a reccie anyway. Good luck
    Dan Wilkinson - Ilkley Harriers

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    speaking as someone whose closest near-death experience came supporting on Leg 1 in the dark,
    and whose most recent attempt foundered on Leg 2 in the dark,
    I would still stress DO NOT DO LEGS 3 OR 4 IN THE DARK
    anticlockwise sounds like your best idea
    Scramble the rock face through the glare of morning sun — to run

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    Quote Originally Posted by djglover View Post
    Down to the company or the condition?
    on this one occasion I was glad of your company.

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    Thank you again for all your comments. We will go anti clockwise, starting at 9am tomorrow (Saturday) morning, schedule below. We will let you know how we get on.

    One final request - we have a few different versions of the GPX route but none seem perfect. Does anyone have any further suggestions on this?



    tion State of light Leg time Estimated time
    Keswick Moot Hall Daylight 0 09:00
    Robinson Daylight 111 10:51
    Hindscarth Daylight 17 11:08
    Dalehead Daylight 17 11:25
    Honister - Arrive Daylight 18 11:43
    Honister - Depart Daylight 10 11:53
    Grey Knotts Daylight 26 12:19
    Brandreth Daylight 8 12:27
    Green Gable Daylight 14 12:41
    Great Gable Daylight 14 12:55
    KirkFell Daylight 45 13:40
    Pillar Daylight 51 14:31
    Steeple Daylight 30 15:01
    Red Pike Daylight 13 15:14
    Yewbarrow Daylight 42 15:56
    Wasdale - Arrive Daylight 34 16:30
    Wasdale - Depart Daylight 10 16:40
    Scafell Daylight 76 17:56
    Scafell Pike Daylight 45 18:41
    Broad Crag Daylight 16 18:57
    Ill Crag Daylight 11 19:08
    Great End Daylight 16 19:24
    Esk Pike Daylight 25 19:49
    Bowfell Daylight 25 20:14
    Rossett Pike Dusk 30 20:44
    Pike o Stickle Dusk 46 21:30
    Harrison Stickle Dusk 18 21:48
    Thunacar Knott Dusk 10 21:58
    Sergeant Man Dusk 13 22:11
    High Raise Dusk 7 22:18
    Calf Crag Dusk 27 22:45
    Steel Fell Dark 24 23:09
    Dunmail Raise - Arrive Dark 11 23:20
    Dunmail Raise - Depart Dark 10 23:30
    Seat Sandal Dark 40 00:10
    Fairfield Dark 30 00:40
    Dollywaggon Pike Dark 45 01:25
    Nethermost Pike Dark 10 01:35
    Helvellyn Dark 15 01:50
    Helvellyn Lower Man Dark 5 01:55
    White Side Dark 11 02:06
    Raise Dark 11 02:17
    Stybarrow Dodd Dark 20 02:37
    Watson Dodd Dark 10 02:47
    Great Dodd Dark 13 03:00
    Clough Head Dawn 23 03:23
    Threlkeld - Arrive Dawn 27 03:50
    Threlkeld - Depart Dawn 10 04:00
    Blencathra Dawn 66 05:06
    Great Calva Daylight 61 06:07
    Skiddaw Daylight 71 07:18
    Moot Hall Daylight 51 08:09

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