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Thread: Holme Moss

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    Holme Moss

    Hi, not done this race since 2004 and realise itís now a longer route. Is it a simple case of the last part of the race is the same as the first? As opposed to how it used to head straight back from the road a much more direct line. And is the race HQ in a different place? Not saying I envisage it being hard to locate, just wondering if I should allow any extra travelling time? Thanks 👍

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    The website has a course description, a link to a map and a postcode for the start.
    It's almost like they want you to know where to go, when to show up and what the route is.
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    "Huge thanks to Rob Kersey and everyone at Holmfirth Harriers for putting on another first rate event today at Holme Moss Fell Race.

    Loads of marshals giving great support to runners, no chance of getting lost, superb food afterwards and fantastic prizes.

    See you all again next year. ������"

    Taken from FB. There is one part of it that distresses me!
    Last time I did Holme Moss I finished with a broken finger!

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    Yesterday was my first go at the Holme Moss Fell Race. I found it very hard work in the heat. It was not as hot as it was at Alderman's Ascent last week but much more humid especially in the valleys where there was no air!

    An excellent test and very well marshalled with most of the route flagged. My only incident of note was descending from Bareholme into Crowden Great Brook where I took the wrong line to the right of the crags at the bottom and had a steep heathery slither into the brook. I then found myself in shoulder high ferns and suddenly disappeared into a hole feeling a sharp pain in my right leg when it touched the ground again. I looked up and all I could see was the sunlight through the fern fronds above. My right calf was rock solid and I could not move my foot. I thought to myself that this would probably be the most difficult place on the course to remove a casualty from!

    The pain quickly went and the runner with me asked me if I was alright to which I replied "Yeah", as you do. I told him to carry on but he said he was going no where until he saw me up and moving OK. Thanks to whoever you were. All this happened in about 30 seconds and as I rubbed my calf it loosened up and I tentatively started the steep climb up to Laddow Rocks. After a few minutes it felt fine but was sore when I poked it with my finger. Once up to Laddow Rocks the route flattens out and is more runnable on the Pennine Way but the heat reflecting from the peat and flagstones was draining. I did think about calling it a day at Holme Moss but fortunately my calf held out and I made it to the finish.

    I managed to get around in 3hrs 55min, 33rd overall and first MV60. A nice thermal cup at the end for all finishers and a great spread of food. Today encompassed everything Fell Running is about for me, a great route, great organisation, great snap, and the camaraderie of all involved.

    So thankyou Holmfirth Harriers and the runner who made sure I was OK.

    My calf is a bit tender this morning but so is everything else!
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    That was a tough day at the office! I also struggled with the heat and humidity, especially on the flagstones (which I dislike immensely at the best of times) leading up to Black Hill. I had been going OK up to that point. Then got my left foot caught in a hole about 200yards from the Holme Moss checkpoint and both legs cramped up. I managed to run/walk it off in the next few miles and found some good strength to catch 2 or 3 others on the last steep ascent, before cramping up again just turning into the finish.
    Great route and superbly organised by Holmfirth.
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