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Thread: Dreaming about a race

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    Dreaming about a race

    No, not daydreaming about how fast I could run a race. I mean actual dreams while I am asleep.

    Last night I dreamt that I was at a race: supposedly Pendle, although the course looked nothing like it. In fact, it was mostly through streets and parks in some unidentified town.

    Anyway, I was in the toilet having a p**s when the race started and the rest of the dream was about me trying to catch up with the pack. The marshals had all disappeared, so I was having to ask bystanders which way to go, which slowed me down even more. The last thing I remember was eventually catching sight of the stragglers on the road well ahead of me.

    I don't often dream about racing, but then I don't often go to actual races.
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    I dreamt last night that I was at an oystercatcher farm. The oyks seemed happy and content and the babies cute. Billy Bland was there too and got an unrelated world record but Iím not sure exactly what it was for but suspect it was neither related to wading birds or fell running

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