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    Kentmere horseshoe

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    What a difference a week can make!

    Last Saturday night after arriving home from the Lake District with a Bob Graham under my belt I was surprised to be feeling pretty good. So much so I’m thinking I’ll probably race in the morning....possibly Holme Moss?

    What the hell was I thinking?

    I also thought I’d sleep like a log....I didn’t.
    i thought I’d be bright eyed and bushy tailed in the morning...I wasn’t.
    I thought I’d jump out of bed...I couldn’t.

    I’ve done hundreds of back to back races without a problem. I once did 3 fell races in the same day. I once won a race the day after Wasdale....but after the Bob Graham I can hardly get out of bed. I really wasn’t expecting to feel this way especially after feeling so good on the day.

    Even getting dressed is problematic and I decided against socks as I can’t get down far enough to put any on. There’s no doubt about it whatsoever, I’m certainly not racing the day after a BG. Shuffling across the bedroom I take refuse and prop myself against the radiator...then I start to think about Alan the plumber.

    I’ve had the same plumber for over 20 years and I’ve always been happy with his work. He’s neat with his pipe work and always secures floorboards back to a good standard, no squeaky boards when Alan’s been on the job and his housekeeping is’d hardly know he’d been. He’s also a nice bloke who plays badminton every Thursday and likes to have holidays in Croatia. He has a strange habit of not finishing off a sentence and will often rush off mid conversation to get some flux or a piece of push fit pipe from his van. I never did find out if his Mrs enjoyed the goulash she had overlooking the marina in Dubrovnik. I’ve told him the Dog and Gun in Keswick does fantastic goulash but apparently his wife doesn’t like the Lake District as the moisture in the air makes her hair go frizzy. I said can she not wear a hat? Apparently she doesn’t suit hats, her face is too round.

    I hope Alan’s workmanship is of his usual high standard because this radiator is taking my full weight as the most intense DOMS I’ve ever experienced make my legs momentarily redundant.

    The following week at work is uncomfortable if any long distances have to be covered on foot. To the amusement of work colleagues my movements are the butt of ridicule. After all my hobby of running up and down hills is not normal and it’s about time I found something else to do in my free what I’m often told. Maybe I should spend all weekend watching narcissistic crap on tv like my peers....I’ll stick with hills.

    A week after the Bob Graham and it’s kentmere but I’m not running as I’ve told Alison the rest will do me good....she agrees. However I’m going to have a drive up and drop a few things off, I’ve still got Craig’s kit in the van from last weekend when he supported me on Leg 3 and he’ll be needing it.

    ”Darren if you’re not racing why is your running stuff in the hall”?
    I made some excuse that my running gear was leaving a nasty smell in the utility room so I’m gonna put it in my car.
    ”Just keep your running stuff in the garage”
    i make some excuse about not wanting to put my gear in the garage just in case we have mice...I couldn’t think of anything else to say. Alison makes it blatantly obvious that if I race and complain about aches and pains my whinging will get no sympathy.....”it’s ok love, I’m definitely not racing”.

    Job done, Craig gets his kit and I thank him for his help last week. Right, I’m definitely not racing but I’ll have a little jog up the road near the village hall just to see how I’m feeling as it’s my first jog of any kind since my BG. I’ve certainly felt better but it doesn’t matter because I’m not racing. It’s now gone 12.30pm and the race starts at 1pm so I go and do the sensible thing.....I go and register while I’ve still got time.

    It’s the awful weather that sways my decision. After months of running over rock hard fell terrain I’m relishing the feeling of running over spongy wet ground and getting my feet wet again. I’m not disappointed, yeah it’s wet and wild but if you’re moving it’s not’s fun. I enjoy racing in inclement weather, the feeling of jubilation if you find the race line when those around you haven’t. In equal measures the feeling of disappointment when you realise you’re temporarily lost. Thankfully I’m feeling jubilant after the race, my route finding was pretty good and my legs held out.

    Well done Josh and Vic.

    Many thanks to Paul and his hardy helpers.

    Once home I try and sneak my wet gear into the house. There’s an encounter in the hallway, I’m rumbled.....” I knew you’d race and if you start babbling on about you’ve a sore this a painful that I’m not interested”.....I was just about to mention I have a sore knee and as quick as you like Alison did one of them, ‘talk to the hand because the face isn’t listening’ gestures.....well that’s me told.

    What I did notice was that my hair had a certain frizz about it...maybe Alan’s wife has a point.
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    Darren Fishwick, Chorley.

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    Tindersticks you have a brilliant way with words. I LOLled all over as I read that. Well done and yes, it is amazing what a difference a week makes.

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    As Nick said great report. Seriously good. Iím looking forward to your write-up of the BG dinner already 😉

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    Any results up anywhere yet?

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