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Thread: Water, Water Everywhere

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    Water, Water Everywhere

    (Daily Telegraph Letters today)


    reminded me of a family trip here. At the bottom of a hiking trail was a sign: “No water beyond this point.” We were amazed to see how many people were emptying their water bottles before embarking on this arduous trail in temperatures of 90 degrees".

    Possibly the kind of people who want to use a GPS device to get round a fell race?
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    " dry as the Atacama desert".

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    Harsh (but quite amusing)

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    More wisdom......

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    Just catching up, Graham, but should 'want to' really be 'need to'? I suppose un-related, but also involving technology, I had a lovely moment a few weeks ago doing a casual bit of introduction to navigation. When I asked the group if they could pinpoint where we were on the map, after all maps had been set correctly, the first person struck the map in the same fashion as they would 'expand' a smartphone screen, looking for more detail.....In an instant this was corrected, amid much laughter, and we carried on for a very successful day out - with water to spare.
    A circular route mostly downhill

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