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Thread: John Purdy RIP

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    Very sad news, RIP Danbert!

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    Shocked and saddened to hear this. You could rely on Danbert to liven up the forum. Only met him once at the Northern XC champs at Heaton Park one year. Made me laugh on the start line when the battle cry "Strength and honour Rochdale" went up. A bitter loss indeed. RIP.
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    Last year on a Manchester City forum there was a running thread. Someone posted that he used to run on the fells and it sounded very much like Danbert Nocurry. I pm'd him asking if he was Danbert and if so could he come back to the FRA forum. He quickly replied that he was Danbert but be wasn't planning to post on here in the near future. He was really friendly. RIP.

    (We will never know what happened to the rat he had in his garden!).

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    I never met Danbert, that's who he is to me and always will be, I never met him in real life. but I had many long chats and lots of Banter with him esp those football related threads where he'd poke fun at United fans, so a good bloke in my eyes..

    Sad to see another master leave us to that horrible disease.

    RIP Danbert, may you forever blow bubbles

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    Really sad news.

    'Danbert Nocurry', just like his wonderful avatar, often left me with a broad smile.
    “My actions are my only true belongings.”

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    Sad news indeed.

    I have good memories of humorous banter whilst doing battle with Danbert in the same vet age group at SELCC cross country events and Heaton parkruns. As well as frequently cracking up to his humour on here too. Fine Fellow.

    It seems strange to me that I should return to this forum a few days ago after several years away, completely oblivious to this news. Now feels like I was somehow spirited to come back to learn of the sad news and share in celebrating what he was to us.
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    So sorry to hear this news, John was one of the good guys, never took himself too seriously.

    I first met John in the early days of the forum (2005?) when me, him and Gaz/comrade gaz/Carlos entered as an unofficial forum team in one of the early gravy boys races.

    RIP John. My thoughts are with his family and friends

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    Like OB1 I've been off the forum for a while and just popped back on this morning for a catch up.

    I had some great fun on the forum with John, particularly one year building up to a National XC at Alton Towers. We were both happy plodders nearer the back than the front, but it didn't stop the leg pulling and challenges about who would be ahead of who.

    Really sad news. A good guy lost.
    Richard Taylor
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    So sad to hear about John/Danbert. A true forum legend. I have missed his wit and sense of fun, on here.

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    Really sad to hear this news. I didn’t know him aside from on here but like SBRT I’ll miss his humour from the forum.

    I’ll echo WP as well. A good guy lost.

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