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Thread: From Fell to Marathon

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    From Fell to Marathon

    So this spring I did a bit of fell racing but the main focus was Manchester Marathon. Initial plans for 6min miling (2:37ish) were shelved when I decided to stick with some fells. I managed 2:42:51 despite cramping in the last 4 miles (not enough salts, too much water, warmish day) still maintained 6:30s at a hobble though after 6:07s for 22 miles.

    Anyway that got me the Championship time so my plan next spring is to focus fully on London and ~2:35ish, lowering my other road times to 'acceptable' in the process and hopefully getting some good performances at the XC championships. Focussed training will begin some point in late November.

    Does anyone have any experience of a fell -> Marathon switch? Normally it'd be the other way around! Interesting that GB ultrarunner Robbie Briton is doing similar at Valencia this winter.
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    ba-ba i'd be interested as to how you think your more road-specific training helped (or hindered) your performance on the fells?

    I've got my own opinions, as a fell-runner living and training in the flat midlands, but would be interested to hear the thoughts of someone at a higher level.

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    ba-ba, I think you need to win the British Fell Running Championship before turning to the marathon (Dave Cannon, Kenny Stuart)
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