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Thread: North Yorkshire Bagging

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    North Yorkshire Bagging

    Osmotherley show fell race

    Last month I sacrificed Borrowdale (which is one of my favourite races of the year) so that I could tick-off and bag Osmotherley Show....hereís how it went.

    On route we decided to go via Thirsk, not realising the horse racing was on. Fortunately this didnít cause us much of a problem, if anything it was quite an eye opener indulging in some people watching as we crawled through the horse race going public who are dressed to the nines. Now donít get me wrong Iím no Gok Wan where fashion is concerned, if truth be told if itís not from Fatface, a race t-shirt or a rock band tour t-shirt Iíd be walking around in my birthday suit.....but whatís going on with mens fashion?

    Iím sorry but skin tight trousers or jeans that finish above the ankle accompanied with slip-on shoes, minus socks, is quite frankly ridiculous. I wanna shoutout to the hipsters, ďeh up lads put some jam on your shoes and invite your pants down for teaĒ. I decide to air on the side of caution and keep my comments inside the van, these lads may be harder than they actually look. Alison thinks sheís being funny when she announces, ďwell thatís your birthday present sorted, rolled up jeans and slip-on shoesĒ.

    One hapless victim of fashion is sat on a wall nursing a heel blister...oh for the grace of socks. Itís also noticeable that tight fitted shirts are all the rage, regardless of body shape. I tell Alison Iíll remain unfashionable but comfortable, she agrees and informs me that Iím the least fashionable person she knows ...I take this as a compliment, happy in my socks, Led Zeppelin t-shirt and bootcut jeans.

    The delightfully named North Yorkshire village of Osmotherley is not what it seems, there in the name lies a tragic story.

    The origin of the name Osmotherley is enough to bring a tear to the eye. Legend has it that a female villager went out to gather firewood in winter. When she didnít return her son Oswald went out to look for his mother and when he eventually found her she was lying in the snow dying from the cold. Oswald wasnít able to carry his mother and lay down beside her. They both died huddled together and the spot they lay became known as...Oswaldís mother lies...hence Osmotherley.

    Apparently most place names have an origin....Iíll not dwell on the origin of the Cumbrian market town of Cockermouth.

    Osmotherley Fell race is part of a sizeable country show of which Iím drawn to the craft tent where local children have created creatures out of vegetables. Iím particularly impressed with a marrow and lettuce creation that resembles a large snail, but the potato covered in cocktail sticks is a poor example of a hedgehog.

    Itís always nice to see local fell running stalwart of these part Bob Lillie, I didnít realise Bob was a retired butcher until we had a lengthy chat. I then start to think if Bobís a butcher would there be a baker and a candlestick maker in attendance. Thereís a good possibility of there being a baker but there canít be many candlestick makers this day and age. Then I remembered I was in Yorkshire and Iím pretty sure parts of Yorkshire are still without electricity and live by candlelight.

    The race goes straight out of the show field and heads towards Thimbleby Hall and its private grounds. Race day is the only time the grounds are open to the public and once through the grounds weíre on tracks and open moorland. Itís an extremely well marked course which leads onto a section of the Cleveland Way where views of Teesside can be had off into the distance. A fast descent through fields leads back to a show field finish.

    Many thanks to all involved.

    Fryup Frazzler

    The fell running scene in North Yorkshire is awash with an array of quirky named races. The late great Dave Parry was no doubt the instigator of many of these races where word play comes to the fore and itís pleasing to see Daveís tradition continuing in this enchanting part of the country.

    The amusingly named Fryup Frazzler is a new race and once again the good people of North Yorkshire are doing Dave proud by adding it to the already popular Dave Parry Fell Race Series.

    Cycle Hub cafe is used as the venue for the race. Itís situated in a lovely remote location hidden deep within the North York moors and acts as a bike hire business and accommodation where breakfast is served from the cafe. The facilities are fantastic: spotless showers, toilets and the cafe serves brilliant food. Itís one of the best venues Iíve done a fell race from....I feel spoilt. Iím all for getting changed in the back of my car in the middle of nowhere but itís nice to have a little luxury now and again. Alison tells me to go mad and try running a comb through my hair....I tell her you can have too much of a good thing.

    Would the race match up to its venue headquarters?

    Within this Ďrace reportí any references to a fry-up are completely coincidental...honest!!!!

    From the off Harry Holmes is giving it some beans as he streaks away leaving the rest of the field for toast. I canít butter this up and make out Harry had any serious competition, he didnít, he went on to have a very comfortable win. Itís down to the rest of us to race amongst ourselves and my legs are feeling the after effects of yesterdayís English champs race as I resort to giving them a slap in a vain attempt to egg them on. Itís not working, I feel like Iím running through porridge...over the rock hard dry ground.

    On the first climb Iím struggling to ketchup with the pack of runners behind Harry and feel like Iím running on empty with no juice in the tank. On the open moor the path narrows thus not giving mushroom to get past fellow runners as I find myself in a jam. I decide to make my move and leave the well trodden path for rough undergrowth and hope I donít make a hash of it and end up with egg on my face. My bold move works as I start to work my way through the field. The first descent of the race nearly has me going over but my bacon is saved by my choice of relatively new footwear and the bonus of good grip.

    Given the the time of year the ferns are at head height in places as we scrambled through them. Most runners took the option of vest only, which proves to be the correct choice as the sun comes out during the race and I feel like Iím frying up. Iíd not hydrated sufficiently before the race and my fingers are starting to resemble sausages. My face is no doubt as red as a tomato as I find myself running hard in a battle for 2nd place.

    On the final descent Iím just in front of local runner Paul Butler as weíre both hurtling down what resembles a mountain bike track complete with sweeping banks that are a joy to encounter. Itís all or nothing for 2nd spot and as they say, you canít make an omelette without breaking any eggs as I hurdled a large rock near the finish line to claim 2nd.

    Great venue and race that go together like bacon and eggs.

    Many thanks to Dave, Bob and all involved.
    Darren Fishwick, Chorley.

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    Banger of a write-up. I could read you race reports all day

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