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Thread: Langdale 4x4 damage

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    Langdale 4x4 damage

    This appears worthy of support:

    Do any forumites more familiar with the area know more about the issues?
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    The Little Langdale 'issue' mentioned in the petition is probably the track over from Elterwater to just above the Three Shires Inn in Little Langdale.
    Although the picture in that petition shows a convoy of vehicles ascending the E side of Garburn Pass from Troutbeck over to Kentmere.

    Last Saturday, whilst walking back from the 3 Shires race to Bays Brown campsite we met a convoy of 3 Land Rovers coming up from Elterwater. They appeared to be being driven quite considerately, not in a gungho manner.
    The fact that there is a sign at both ends of that track, reading "Unsuitable for Cars" does infer that it is legally open to motorised vehicles, providing your vehicle is 'up to the job'.
    Providing vehicles are on a legal B.O.A.T., I am not perturbed by their presence, more by how they are being driven. Also, where a B.O.A.T. crosses open moorland, I find it annoying that 4x4 vehicles go 'off piste' to avoid the challenging sections that they reckon to be there to tackle.
    With regards to 'gungho' driving; as I assist with car parking at several fell races, there appears to be many fell runners who are ignorant of one of the fundamentals of off road driving, "Lowest possible revs, highest possible gear," Many appear to think that "giving it plenty of wellie" in first gear will get them through, when all it does is to multiply the engine's torque, spin the wheel(s) and dig rut(s) in the parking field - thereby vexing the farmer and jeopardising future races.
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