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Thread: Cockermouth Triathlon

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    Cockermouth Triathlon

    Anyone doing this one tomorrow?

    I did it in June and it was a lovely sunny day and we all had a great time and went home with smiles on our faces.

    I hope tomorrow wil be the same.
    Why walk when you can run.

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    Re: Cockermouth Triathlon

    Not me, im recovering from my beach run.
    but a chap at work was going to as he does t most times. Unfortunately he crashed his car a couple of weeks ago near Braithwaite and hurt himself. He is going to watch it and chear people on.
    all the best for tomorrow Noor.
    let the good times roll.

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    Re: Cockermouth Triathlon

    Aldi best Noor.

    I usuallly would be through to watch but I'm doing a half at Lancaster today.
    My mate often wins this one but he's watching too so I reckon a victory is on the cards for you - no pressure mind.

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