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Thread: Abraham's Tea Round

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    Abraham's Tea Round

    Took on this 30m/12,500' round last Thursday with a friend. Headwind all the way to Buttermere then a nav error meant we went up High Crag. Extra miles and an extra peak. The return was thick with clag especially Grizedale pike. It began to clear at Causey pike and for the rest of the run. 9hrs plus some change. Good going considering. Highly recommend the round. Worth it for the Golden teacup at the end!


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    Well done, not the best of days for it, but a great adventure! Keswick Ladies Veterans have just posted a quick paired relay time ( 6 hours something) - I think they only did it for the tea back in Abraham's at George Fisher!
    A circular route mostly downhill

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    Had a run around this on Friday - windy as hell but clear and managed just over 10 hours. Couldn't stand up very easily on Eel Crag. Belting route and love my golden teacup

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    Great stuff Mark!

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