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Thread: Cross Country 2018/19

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    Great run Travs. Seemed the strongest ever field I've run against in Div 1, so you've gotta be pleased with that. I had no go in me today, despite running better than of late last week, and ended up 180 - a clear PW. We were 11th team, which is ok considering we had two 17 year olds making their debut in the counters, plus the fell legend Tim Werrett in 133rd.

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    Well done Gaz.... I may have been only 20 places behind you, but a good minute behind, shows the gulf in class, and the standard needed to move up the field.

    Won't be at the next one, as doing the Cheviot Goat ultra, but wouldn't miss 3 & 4 for anything.

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    OH NO I got beat by Al Fowler! Almost ten years since his humiliation at the Auld Lang Syne he waits till I'm an old Man to stick the knife in, snucking past me on the last stretch. Well stitched me up there Al.

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