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Thread: I've raced my last race.

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    I've raced my last race.

    So there it is. Just got back from the cardiologist who has warned me that I should not do competitive running any more due to the risk of a 'sudden cardiac event'.
    The message to you all is that you can't outrun your genes. I'm fit, I eat well, drink moderately etc etc but both parents have history of coronary artery disease. And the 'MOT' that my loved ones insisted I had on reaching 60 turned up the evidence that I too have coronary artery disease. Of course, it can be managed with pills, good living and avoidance of extreme exertion.

    So, no more racing. But of course social running, sweeping and marshalling are all there to be enjoyed. After 30 years of enjoyable competition its time for a change of tack.

    Perhaps this is over-sharing...but it helps take the sting off the realisation!
    I'm happy too to realise that my last race was Fan Fawr and that old pals were there as well as the amazing return of Molehill.
    Onwards and upwards - but more slowly!!
    I am Kuno....

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    So sorry to hear that as I appreciate how much you enjoy a day at the races. Whereas I'm the total opposite, but I can assure you there's plenty of pleasure and enjoyment to be had in the hills without racing about.
    Just open another chapter.

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    The Worth
    Thank you for sharing Wheeze

    It highlights that those still racing well into middle age should enjoy it, but also that it makes sense to listen to your loved ones (and your body) if there are valid fears about the potential ill effects of competition

    All the best for many years of non-competitive fell wandering / helping out at events etc etc

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    Sorry to hear that mate.

    Plenty of memories made and plenty more to make, though!

    See you around

    Calvin Ferguson - Blackburn Harriers & AC

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    I think the fact that you can share so openly shows you're on the road to acceptance. Enjoy it - like you say: you can't outrun your genes. At least this way, you'll have many happy years of social running etc.
    No longer "resting"

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    Its a secret!
    A brave post Simon.

    Well done you on your race career and all the best in your supportive capacity.

    The people who love you come first.

    Always here if you want to talk.
    PM for my number.
    Your a top bloke.

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    Sorry to hear that Wheeze. Don't really know what to say really. Obviously you are at a different stage in your life to me, but that would certainly knock me for six if i was told that tomorrow.

    I see that there is going to be a South Wales Mountain Trial (in similar vein to the LDMT) next spring... i wonder if a man of your experience could help there...

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    Wheeze, thanks for sharing and all the best for the future....albeit at a more leisurely pace, which ultimately comes with the bonus of appreciating the amazing views at your disposal. Take care and continue to enjoy.
    Darren Fishwick, Chorley.

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    Wheeze, I am obviously disappointed to hear that if I make any more fell-racing trips to South Wales, I will only see you as a marshal rather than a M60 competitor. But I wish you all the best for life on the fells (or mynyddoedd) at a slower pace.
    In his lifetime he suffered from unreality, as do so many Englishmen.
    Jorge Luis Borges

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    Thank you for sharing Wheeze. It's something that we will all have to face at some time, whether it's our last fell race or simply our last fell run. I admire your equanimity and positive reframing of new presenting opportunities and roles.
    “My actions are my only true belongings.”

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