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Thread: I've raced my last race.

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    Thanks for sharing and best of luck as a full-time social runner!
    Nic Barber, Pennine. Downhill Dandy

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    Sorry to hear that Wheeze, I had a stent fitted after having a heart attack in April. It takes a lot of mental readjusting after such an event. As previously mentioned by others the fells will always be there and it's nice to enjoy them and a slower pace, stop and soak up the views without worrying about splits and times. Luckily I have been signed off by the doctors so can amble round tbe hills at a much slower pace. As long as you can be around for your family and loved ones that is ultimately what matters. Good luck..

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    Thanks for posting this and I hope you continue to be involved in the sport albeit in more leisurely fashion. You can now take time to enjoy all that fantastic scenery rather than the studs/backside of the runner in front of you!

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    As Derby Tup said in another thread, social running is the best Wheeze. Enjoy the hills and being with family & friends.

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    May you have lots of happy days wandering the fells without worrying about beating x and getting beaten by y....sounds lovely. Stay well. I don't take remotely for granted the ability to race, run, walk, see etc and it sounds you also have this healthy approach to it. Time to take a closer look at the hills than racing allows

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    Thanks for all the positive posts forum-pals.
    I have had the most fab couple of days in the hills. Did a 'Ruddles Rule' run up and down Sugarloaf on Friday with a DDG inversion to look at and then today took my walking chums on a superb 11 mile loop around the eastern Black Mountains followed by a slap up nosh in a local pub.
    And yes, I did ruminate silently to myself as we sat drinking coffee at a point where I have raced past many times, imagining the straining and concentration of my younger self as it passed by in my minds eye. And yes, I did feel the acceptance. And the anticipation of new ways of enjoying the hills.

    But nothing will ever replace that anticipation of a race.

    Its going in a box now, with many other things, marked 'Great Memories of a Younger Self'.
    I am Kuno....

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    Ruddles rule rules Wheeze

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