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Thread: I've raced my last race.

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    Thanks DM!
    It a truism that we bask in our former glories. I am having struggle with the simple first world problem of a degraded and declining athletic ability which is slowly shutting me out of places where, as a younger self, I found a true and happy expression of myself. Fell running found me and gave me riches I never expected and its a bittersweet realisation that I'll never taste them again. But that is true for all of us. I find musing on that here helps. One of the beauties of our sport is that finishing in the top finishers is not remotely necessary to derive deep enjoyment from participation.
    On Saturday I voyaged further into self discovery all the while surrounded by awesome scenery and other like minded souls. Whats not to like?
    I am Kuno....

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    Yes - I agree completely, I have memories of other things I have done that I feel the same way about for sure.

    I have definitely found something I enjoy very much here, I am no stranger to mountains, but the races are something new entirely and qualitatively different to every other competitive sport I can think of (none of which I do exactly because I am just not competitive like that). I fully appreciate the sentiment about like minded people; I will never forget the welcome I received at my first fell race - without wanting to sound weird, I felt something like the proverbial 'prodigal son'!

    It is definitely along the lines of how I think life should be

    Congratulations on a life well lived!

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    What Wheeze said!

    I'm the same age as Wheeze (plus a few months) and, while I don't have a heart condition like he has, I am certainly aware of my "degraded and declining athletic ability". But I am enjoying life in the M60's, not doing many races, but having the occasional amazing day like last Saturday: a race in which everything felt right, despite the fact that most of my recent training runs have felt rather sluggish.

    You, DangerMouse, on the other hand, will soon be joining the M50's, which seem to be the most competitive age class in our sport! [It's not that unusual for there to be more M50's than Senior (21-39 age range) men in a fell race.] So just enjoy the good days, and don't let the bad days put you off.
    In his lifetime he suffered from unreality, as do so many Englishmen.
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    Thanks Anthony

    I have a very strong mind, I won't let the bad days put me off at all. There's been a significant change for me during these last few weeks and I am super keen to keep on top of things because it feels good! Better!

    I see the current injury as just a bigger growing pain, I sorted my achilles out and I will sort this out too.

    Of course you're right, all things considered it should be quite some time before I am actually saying I have run my last race.

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