Iíve created this thread to spread the awareness of my teamís research survey. We would appreciate your participation in our questionnaire. We are hoping to understand the running community and how it relates to preferred brand choice, for example do we choose brands which could further reflect and represent an individual as part of a running community. We would be very grateful if you could spare 5 minutes of your time to complete our questionnaire. The aim is to understand community buying behaviours online in order to create better online experiences targeted for the running community. We very much value your input, if you feel you have any further comments to add, please feel free to message me directly. In addition, if you have any issues regarding the research, please also feel free to message me. Our questionnaire is in no means aiming to exploit or embarrass respondents, it is purely for university research purposes and is volunteer participation only.

All our terms and conditions are on the first page of our questionnaire.


Thank you for your time,
Many Thanks,