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Thread: Running with a cold

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    Running with a cold

    In my younger days, if I had a cold I would keep running, but nothing too strenuous: just steady runs, no reps or long distances. It seemed that running would clear my nasal passages well, but I wasn't sure if it might be delaying the recovery. These days, I don't run with a cold, I just go for moderately paced cycle rides or walks.

    What do other people do when they have a cold, and do you feel that continuing to run is beneficial or harmful to recovery? Is there any objective research on this subject?

    [Note: I am referring strictly to the common cold, not flu or any other condition involving a raised temperature.]
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    i very rarely get colds... in fact, I haven't had one this year since last winter (that'll put the curse on it!)..... however on the rare occasion that I do, I feel that it's harmful to continue, purely from personal experience. Certainly would never bother to attempt an intense session with a cold.

    On the other hand, when I was into Muay Thai, it was more of a balancing act, particularly on the run-up to a fight... often I needed to continue to get the training in, continue restricting calorie intake... the punishing training schedule, coupled with 'making weight' meant I could get run down more easily, and regular as clockwork, I would usually get a howling cold about two weeks out from a fight, when training was at its most intense.

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    Just getting over one felt a bit ropey last Tuesday but went out for a run and felt shocking, short of breath being the major issue so had 3 days off and then back to it, I generally listen to Mrs DTR, if she says I’m being an idiot then I normally am , ironically she’s had a chest infection and so has had a week off as well, hopefully we’ll get out for a short one together tomorrow, generally I just go on how I feel and hit the lemon and honey, like most people I find it harder to not go out than to stay in

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