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Thread: 3 rounds by bike

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    3 rounds by bike

    Just read this on John Kellyís blog...

    ďIn the UK, there are the Big 3 Rounds: Bob Graham, Charlie Ramsay, and Paddy Buckley. Doing any one of them in sub 24 hours is quite the achievement. But, you know, I donít know how long weíll be in the UK so Iíve gotta pack in as much as I can quickly. 🙂 So I want to do all 3 of them, back to back to back. And I donít want something like driving speed to be a variable in how long it takes me overall, so Iím going to ride my bike between each of them (> 200 miles between each). All forward progress will be powered by nothing but my own two legs.Ē

    Bloody hell...

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    bloody hell indeed.
    I recall hearing of something similar to this being done in the past, maybe in FITC? Or am I imagining things?
    Nic Barber. Downhill Dandy

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    Hugh Symonds?
    All the British and Irish 3000s and ran all the miles between.

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    Mike Hartley did them 'back to back': I assume this wasn't with cycling between. His overall time (86hrs or so) isn't that far off what this lad's planning using his bike. Crazy stuff.
    Geoff Clarke

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