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Thread: Gps watches

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    Quote Originally Posted by PeteS View Post
    So I went for the Garmin Instinct. In the end, it was the more rugged styling and barometric altimeter that swung it. I felt the Garmin 735 XT would have got trashed a some point during a fell race and the extra protection of the bevel on the Instinct would certainly protect the screen more. I have been very impressed so far - so much so that although I intended to really only use it as an activity watch, I now wear it on a daily basis. I've only done one race and few training runs but it has been great for those. Had to reconfigure the display so make it more readable at speed but otherwise no real problems. The Garmin Connect app is great, connects seamlessly to the watch and uploads direct to Strava. All the stats you could possibly want on your phone.
    Battery life so far has been excellent. I've charged it once since its initial charge 10 days ago and it is still on 80% battery.
    GPS acquisition is quick - less than a minute each time I've recorded an activity.
    Altimeter/barometer seem accurate. I had to manually recalibrate after I got home from a trip to Wales but I guess that would be normal after a long trip.
    Compass also accurate and not needed calibrating yet.
    HRM - although I wasn't that fussed for this initially, it doesn't seem to have any problems and it provides some good metrics I may incorporate into my training. Seems possible to broadcast this to other devices so hoping I can get connect this up to my cycle computer.
    Not tried any of the finer points on the navigation side but that's not really why I bought it.
    All round, I've been very impressed so far and would certainly recommend it.
    It looks good Pete. I'm considering treating myself at Xmas.

    the 735 XT has a look of the Forerunner 220 which I've had for around 4-5 years now and the only issues I have with it are battery life which used to be OK for 5-6 hours and now is down to around 3-4, and then the occasional software glitch as I think the device isn't supported as it was in the early years.

    I haven't actually looked at what is in the market at the moment so pleased to see your comments.
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    I was planning to get one for Christmas too but my local ultimate outdoors is closing down and has a sale on. Managed to get one for 185 but only had the sunset red left in stock. Its a bit bling for work so I've invested in another strap. Charcoal grey, 12 on amazon which looks great.
    Another thing to note is the lack of a touch screen. That would probably put some off but the button interface is good and as proven on tonight's commute, easily operated through thick gloves. Another plus in my book.

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    It could be worth bearing in mind, for anyone looking at a Suunto Spartan. I had an email from Suunto telling me that support for this model will be pulled from "Movescount" and I can't find any way to make watch configuration changes in the new MySuunto app.... and planning GPS (cheating ) routes on the app looks really tricky.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark G View Post
    Be very wary of earlier suunto, they are being made obsolete by suunto in 18 months.
    That's what I meant with the earlier post. It's not just the Spartan, some of the earlier watches, particularly most ambits don't have Bluetooth so can't be used with the app. There's pages and pages of discussion on the 'suunto app forum'. They seem to be some suggestions that movescount might be kept going for these earlier watches - due I think to lots of angry feedback from disgruntled ambit users (including me). Ultimately I reluctantly bought a Spartan trainer - it has some good features, including the ability to set up intervals etc, but the watch face is a little small. I managed to get it at a good price from Go Outdoors on a price match against Wiggle, I think it was a little over 120. For that money it's pretty good but I would prefer the larger face)figures of a better version to make it a little easier to read. Don't rely on the wrist HR reading though,its very variable, I use a strap.

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    For what it’s worth (not a lot I predict!)...... I don’t have a gps watch. Just use a standard stopwatch/wristwatch for training sessions... probably explains my lack of pacing ability, but with a bit of practice it doesn’t take long to get used to it, and can “run to feel” without feeling the pressure to reach a pace...

    Also avoids the comical sight of all my clubmates pointing their gps watches at the sky to get a satellite before each club session.

    When I go out into the fells on a non-racing escapade, I generally take a hand-held gps with 1:50000 OS mapping built in (along with standard map and compass of course).... I have the Garmin gps64s and whilst it is not touch-screen it is absolutely bomb-proof and I’ve battered it to bits over the years with no ill effect. Cost in the region of 300quid with complete OS mapping of the uk... and can also buy memory cards with street maps for the rest of Europe... I’ve used it successfully in the likes of Italy and Spain.

    A combination that works for me... but if you need a watch then totally irrelevant...!!
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    In their latest email update suunto have now said they will maintain a web based service to which you will be able to connect your watch. They don't say which watch(es) or whether or not the service will be equvilent to movescount.

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