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    Vitamin C

    In a bid to ward off colds and flu, I have started to take a high dosage vitamin C powder. The type I have bought reccommends that you take a 1/4 of a teaspoon and this amount gives you 1850% of your RDA of vitamin C . This seems very extreme.

    Has anyone had any experience of a dose this high and does it have any ill or complimentary effects.

    I take this stuff during the week whilst at work and lay of it at weekend. Due to the fact that I leave it in the office.

    What I do notice is that it has a slight laxitive effect, especially whilst running.

    (sorry to bring this up, but I am in the health section and where all friends, dont worry I do make it home). Im not sure whether this is the Vit C or a bug Im just getting rid of

    I do not get this laxitive effect at the weekend. When I dont take it.

    Im about to bin the stuff.

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