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    Red face newbie

    hello you lovely lot, my name is paula
    I am new to fell running , I have done a few short ones and I have just completed ,high fells of hedghope in northhumberland .
    I think I can now class myself as a fell runner now I have a bit more confidence , I'm from leeds in westyorkshire and I have a few races coming up in the next few months .
    I'm looking to get all the advice I can get about fell running ,looking forward to working my way round the forum

    is there a page anywhere that relates to all the different grades of races ect ??
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    Hi Paula

    Well done on completing your race Sunday, in what I expect were tough conditions, I was racing slightly further south on Sunday and it was desperate!

    Did you put a similar post on Facebook? Thought I recalled seeing something about the Hedgehope race...

    This place may be a bit quieter than the Facebook page but I'm confident you'll get better info and advice here. The different forums are a goldmine of info and tips.

    That link above has details of the race categories, and they'll probably be in your handbook/calendar....


    A/B/C. A = steep and for 90% of people the climbs will not be runnable
    B = generally less steep. May be able to run all the climbs, but lots will still need to walk the ups
    C.= I've never done a 'C' but I'd expect you can probably run it all.

    S/M/L. S= up to 10km
    M = 10-20km
    L = 20+ km

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    Hi Paula,

    Well done for getting stuck in to the HHH. I was considering it, but a disastrous training run on hedgehope in the mud and wind just after christmas made me think twice.

    Good luck in your upcoming races!

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    ahhhh that's brilliant thanks for the grading , I need to properly look through the hand book and try to remember them , yes it was me who posted on fb and yes it was very very tough I'm till hurting today lol

    I am not that good at map reading but I intend to try learn it I'm hoping I can find information on here

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