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Thread: Lone run: staying safe

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    Quote Originally Posted by IanDarkpeak View Post
    ...and knowing what signal to blow to say you need help?
    here you go
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    Not much help to Kate and aimed at visitors, but George Fisher in Keswick used to do route plan notes, you wrote out your proposed route and timings, tick off the kit list what you are carrying and how many in the party. This would be left with someone at the accommodation where you were staying, easy to pass on to MRT if you were overdue. Afterwards each route plan could be posted into the shop, a monthly draw was made from the submissions for a small prize. I'm sure many of us already adapt versions of this for our days out. Lots of sound advice above, what a helpful bunch of folk we can be!
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    When I was running/waking YHA to YHA solo in the lakes a few years back I dropped an email to the hostel outlining a rough planned route and latest predicted arrival time. A few replied but others mentioned they had it when I arrived.
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    If you have a mobile,and use WhatsApp, there is a faculty to share live location. You can set the time that people can watch your journey.

    iPhones ( and others? ) you can use “findmyfriends” so that your friends can see where your phone is

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    Bloody hell, he must be right hard. I was worried about attacks when running trails solo in British Columbia.

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