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Thread: Lone run: staying safe

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    Indeed an emergency SMS should eventually get through and should keep trying until its does.

    If you have a smart phone, consider using an app such as the Ordnance survey 'OS Locate' which allows you share your location with contacts. I think Strava (premium) also offers such functionality.

    However, IMHO there is no real substitute for telling people where you are going, an approximate route and ETA and then letting them know when you return.

    Not sure on the dashboard note idea - who would know where to look and would that not just be an invite for somebody to break into your car?
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    Ooer, that sounds scary! Twisting an ankle in a freezing bog suddenly doesn't seem so bad.

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    Sounds like you should consider a PLB like a Mcmurdo FastFind. There have been few land resues in the UK (some bloke in Ennerdale last year) but they have been used for thousands of maritime and aviation rescues.

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    PeteS is right Strava has a GPS tracker thing through the premium service. They have recently unbundled the service and you can just have the tracker for a relatively cheap amount

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    I would not leave a note on the dash of my car as it is only telling opportunist thieves how long they have got to break into your car to see if there is anything worth stealing or even maybe steal the car or parts off of it, a growing crime in remote areas

    Register your mobile for the emergency SMS scheme info here :-

    And take the phone with you but be mindful that a mobile phone is not the most reliable piece of kit in the hills i.e. not waterproof, suspect battery life etc

    more info here :-


    I personally use a spot satellite tracker, but will be updating to a Garmin inreach mini very soon, review and info here :-

    Not cheap but what price do you put on peace of mind, however the S.O.S button on the tracker may just save your life should you be unfortunate enough to have to use it
    and if you were in that situation sending text messages may not be an option.
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    I'd suggest wrapping your phone up in a buf/set of gloves - helps protect the phone but also keeps the battery less cold as they can sometimes peg out in the cold.

    A friend slipped on ice near Slippery stones at top of Ladybower ressers, cutting leg badly. Phone had no signal then battery drained quick due to cold. It took a passing moutainbiker to help raise the alarm, by which point they were pretty cold.
    Despite this I'm still pretty poor at taking phone with me when I venture out. Must do better!
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    I am very envious of those who have fells outside the back door! I run in the Chiltern hills, and in wilder places when I can get there. Much safer than city streets so far as human predators are concerned, but the worry is the broken ankle in the middle of a field or a wood. I have a family who will eventually notice I'm not back, and I tell them where i'm going. I suppose I am relying on being able to send a text, so I haven't got a foolproof solution.

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    I use RoadID (the actual wrist ID, the lock screen info, and on occasion the app itself). It does depend upon your phone a) having signal and b) having power, but the app is free so worth using even if it's just as an interim solution till you find something more suitable.
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    I've been looking at this issue myself. I always run alone and my main concern is dropping down in a ditch somewhere with a heart attack and not being found until its too late. Though I've got my phone, who knows if you'd even be in a position to call 999?
    I think some kind of location tracking is a good idea for lone runners. Strava does have the beacon facility in its premium subscription - you can just have the safety bundle if you wish.
    I've been playing with a few other apps, and this one (Life 360 Family Locator) looks promising. Gets the Editor's Choice badge on the Play Store. Obviously this is only any good with a data connection, so may not be ideal for your personal circumstances.
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