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Thread: Kalenji men's tights

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    Kalenji men's tights

    These are very well priced so i thought i'd share my thoughts on these.

    Run Dry.
    A tenner? A tenner for a pair of had to be too good to be true. Very basic construction and quite thin, not many panels and closely resemble yoga pants. Fit is good if you have slim legs, sizing seems to reflect the fact that men generally have longer legs than women, the W30L33 fits very well. Other than the fact you look like you've borrowed your lasses gym pants, they have an annoying cheesewire central seam in the fruitbowl area. If you're on a tight budget they're ok.

    Run Dry+.
    Much better looking all round, look like a proper pair of running tights. Sizing is the same as the Run Dry, as is the presence of the now familiar cheesewire central seam in the family jewels area. If you put one nut either side and yank them up a bit you look like you've got a jacky danny. No increase in material thickness, these are spring/summer pants; still, for the money they are pretty good and fit well.

    These are the ones i had the most hope for. The material thickness lends itself well to winter running and the high elastane content gives a close fit with plenty of compression around the quads. I can also attest to the durability of the material- if you trip over a stray butane gas cylinder in the middle of the night on your way to the bog, you can sustain a very deep gash in your shin with minimal damage to the tights. Once again though it's the seams letting them down; thankfully the cheesewire is missing, but the remaining seams are not flatlocked! They stick out quite a way and you feel them rubbing in your nether regions. I've only done short races in these, but you'd be risking a lot if you were sweating in them for hours at a time.

    All three are excellent value and the Kiprun would be great if they'd flatlock the seams. New Balance Impact are still the best on the market.
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    Jacky Danny - a new one to me - but I like it! As for the cheese wire effect, I have some compression shorts from Aldi that give me a similar issue.

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    With transgenderism being all the rage I'm sure there will be a thriving second hand market for unwanted "cheese wire" shorts and tights
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    Leg hair pokes out of the cheap ones to add texture. They work well as pseudo compression tights and are super light as MM long legs

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