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Thread: edale skyline cutoffs

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    edale skyline cutoffs

    I'm doing edale again after a number of years and notice that there are now 3 cut offs

    any one have any idea of the distances to each - just need to work out how i'm going to beat the cut offs.

    I remember when I did it many years again there was only one cut off and it was tight going for me to get there.

    looking forward to it


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    I did a recce as far as Townhead bridge yesterday to test the cut off for myself. I'm a mid pack runner at best, probably a bit lower for long races.

    Mam Nick is about 15km and i got there in 2 hours at an easy pace (15 mins under the cutoff). I then got to Townhead Bridge in 2:45 (20 mins under the cutoff) which is about 20km. Again that was at an easy pace and jogging down off Lose Hill to spare my quads.

    Admittedly it was perfect conditions and obviously i didn't do the hard climb up to Win Hill but i was happy i won't have to go off at a fast pace and so hopefully won't crash and burn later on.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks that's perfect

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    I DNF last year, my only ever(so far) race failure. It was the Sunday after my Dad's funeral, and I just SAT DOWN on Back Tor, burst into tears, and binned it.
    He'd always taken us up walking, and down the caverns.
    Anyhoo, on a slowish day for me, I got to Mam Nick just under 2 hrs(10miles); cut off 2:15

    It's another 3.5 miles to Townhead CP10, 13.5m, mostly downhill or on good paths on the Mam Tor ridge for the 3:05 cutoff.

    CP 14 is at about 17.5m(4:20 cutoff), another 4m from Townhead, and once you actually get up to Hope Brinks is mostly good flattish running to Win Hill then back to Hope Cross/ Crookstone.

    For me the challenge is to get to Mam Tor under 2hrs then just keep buggering on as fast as I can on the ridge, getting to Townhead ASAP then saving some for the ascent up Hope Brink/ Win Hill.

    Once I get past CP14 I'll be running on elation, I hope.

    I finished in 2015 in 5:06, on a beast of a day on the old anticlockwise, no-flags-on-Brown-Knoll route.
    In 2014, I made it round in 4:45.

    I'm hoping to break 5hrs this year

    "Completing, not competing" is my new mantra...
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    Best Wishes

    Cheshire Hash House Harriers

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