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Thread: Fantasy Fellrunning 2019

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    Results from the 2nd round of the cup:

    Brighty Bunch (mr brightside) (99: Nichola Jackson 20,Carl Bell 21,Rob Jebb 17,Tom Saville 1,Kelli Roberts 21,Sharon Taylor 19)
    - beat - Here we go (So Wood) (90: Max Wainwright 1,Rachel Parker 17,Kelli Roberts 21,Mark Lamb 10,Carl Bell 21,Nichola Jackson 20)

    The Dark Peaky Blinders (The Elk) (108: Rhys Findlay-Robinson 9,Nichola Jackson 20,Carl Bell 21,Sharon Taylor 19,Kelli Roberts 21,Jack Wood 18)
    - beat - Footloose Four (BillJ) (72: Megan Wilson 0,Carl Bell 21,Mark Lamb 10,Tom Saville 1,Sharon Taylor 19,Kelli Roberts 21)

    Keep Them Dogies Rollin (Weetabix Power) (101: Kelli Roberts 21,Hannah Russell 7,Mel Price 13,Brennan Townshend 20,Carl Bell 21,Sharon Taylor 19)
    - beat - Hanging onto Past Glories (Mrs Weetabix Power) (91: Sharon Taylor 19,Billy Cartwright 0,Kelli Roberts 21,Carl Bell 21,Nichola Jackson 20,Mark Lamb 10)

    Le quatre fabuleux (dangilbert) (89: Hannah Russell 7,Carl Bell 21,Nichola Jackson 20,Max Wainwright 1,Sharon Taylor 19,Kelli Roberts 21)
    - beat - Going Downhill Fast (Sam W) (74: Kelli Roberts 21,Nichola Jackson 20,Tom Saville 1,Max Wainwright 1,Mark Lamb 10,Carl Bell 21)

    alexander the great (inspector gadget) (79: Carl Bell 21,Tom Saville 1,Hannah Russell 7,Mark Lamb 10,Kelli Roberts 21,Sharon Taylor 19)
    - beat - Misty Mountain Hopscotch (Stabbsy) (31: Nichola Jackson 20,Rhys Findlay-Robinson 9,Max Wainwright 1,Tom Saville 1)

    New Life's Good (Stagger) (83: Tom Saville 1,Carl Bell 21,Hannah Russell 7,Rob Jebb 17,Nichola Jackson 20,Rachel Parker 17)
    - beat - Cobbled Classics (BarryRoubaix) (82: Rhys Findlay-Robinson 9,Kelli Roberts 21,Carl Bell 21,Max Wainwright 1,Nichola Jackson 20,Mark Lamb 10)

    Pint O'Pride (TheHell I will) (88: Sharon Taylor 19,Karl Gray 1,Rob Jebb 17,Rhys Findlay-Robinson 9,Carl Bell 21,Kelli Roberts 21)
    - beat - Fantasy That (ultralazyrunner) (81: Rhys Findlay-Robinson 9,Carl Bell 21,Max Wainwright 1,Mark Lamb 10,Sharon Taylor 19,Kelli Roberts 21)

    Maximum Wainwrights (noel) (111: Kelli Roberts 21,Carl Bell 21,Nichola Jackson 20,Mel Price 13,Rob Jebb 17,Sharon Taylor 19)
    - beat - Wear Brown and Prosper (loudsmallrunner) (89: Rhys Findlay-Robinson 9,Carl Bell 21,Tom Saville 1,Jack Wood 18,Kelli Roberts 21,Sharon Taylor 19)

    The quarter-finals will be at Black Fell on 6th July.
    The draw is:

    alexander the great (inspector gadget,TSD) - vs - Pint O'Pride (TheHell I will,BS)
    Brighty Bunch (mr brightside,TSD) - vs - Le quatre fabuleux (dangilbert,BS)
    Maximum Wainwrights (noel,TSD) - vs - The Dark Peaky Blinders (The Elk,TSD)
    New Life's Good (Stagger,BS) - vs - Keep Them Dogies Rollin (Weetabix Power,TSD)
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    Blackfell Cup Team

    Tom and Kim


    Brennan Townshend
    Carl Bell
    Nicola Jackson
    Kelli Roberts

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    Quick draw McGraw hey! My team is Mel n Kim plus the spice girls

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    Don't be scared big man. Just be worried about losing.

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