Rules are the same as last year, to keep things simple for me!...

You're in the Shoulder of Mutton, post-flood renovation now complete, surrounded by fellow runners. You've just remembered that you need to get together a team of four runners for the 2019 championship races. At least one of the four runners has to be a man and at least one has to be a woman.

You turn out your pockets and you've got enough cash for a few pints of Black Sheep, with which to bribe your way to a team. Some runners take several pints before they can be persuaded to join your team, others are yours for a single swift pint.

There are 3 leagues:

The "Timothy Sheep Daleside league" comprises teams from the top managers of last year:
Also Ran, Ba-Ba, BarryRoubaix, Braveshorts, FellGazelle, Heff, Inspector Gadget, Jelly Dealz, KelliRoberts3, Llani Boy (reigning champion), Millipede, Mr Brightside, Mrs Weetabix Power, Noel, Pigtails, RupertBon, SimGreen78, Stabbsy, Steady, The Elk, Trainer, Travs, Weetabix Power
The TSD teams each have 15 pints with which to select a team.

Then there's the "Boddington-Smith league" for the next tier of managers:
AdamB, AnthonyKay, Backo2, Britts76, ChevinbyTorchlight, CoachSingleton, Daleside, Dan H18, DanGilbert, dantodman, Fnstein, Harv, IanDarkPeak, JamesAppleton, JonP, Josh, LoudSmallRunner, Mapper, Matt Richardson, Nayth, RichardBriscoe, Sam W, Stagger, Stevo, Sweaty, TheHell I Will, Tindersticks, Toast under Beans, TurboTom
The BS teams each have 14 pints with which to select a team.

Finally the "Kaliber league" will comprise teams from these managers:
BartS, Biara, Bigfish, BillJ, Captain Shuffle, Derby Tup, DinoF, Fordonian, Horwich Lad, JacobTonk, John Raho, Larsen B, Marrow, RaceTheSweeper, So Wood, TimG, Tim K - plus anyone who joins the game this year.
The K teams will each have 13 pints with which to select a team.

From the date that you select them, your runners score points at every race in the English or British championships:
1 point just for finishing the race;
20 points for the 1st man, down to 1 point for the 20th man;
20 points for the 1st woman, down to 1 point for the 20th woman;
Points are cumulative.

In addition, your runners will score points at the Lakeland Classics. These additional races don't score as many points as the national championships, though:
1 point just for finishing the race;
10 points for the 1st man, down to 1 point for the 10th man;
10 points for the 1st woman, down to 1 point for the 10th woman;

During the year you can make 2 substitutions - either swap 2 of your runners for another pair who cost the same total number of pints, or twice swap one of your runners for another one of the same pintage.

Anyone who puts in a team late (i.e. after the first championship race) will only be allowed one substitution during the year, and will not score points for races that have already happened.

There will also be a cup-style knockout competition for all teams, starting later in the year.

At the end of the year there will be promotion and demotion between the leagues - the number going up or down will depend on the number of teams.

So post your team of four to this thread, with a team name.
My next two posts will list the runners in the pub and how many pints they'll cost you.