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Thread: Kit conundrum

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    Whether you agree with the specifics or not (and I personally think ROs should have more discretion, but that's another issue) it's the case that the rules as they currently stand have made things clearer. I remember in the past one race with three different notices in and around registration, each specifying different kit and another with one at the car park which was different to the one at registration, a mile away. That no longer seems to happen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mountainsloth View Post
    Why? If there's an analogy to use here, it would probably be the Highway Code. Must vs should. Don't comply with a must and you risk prosecution, don't comply with a should and you don't. For AL, AM, BL you must carry kit. There's no requirement to carry kit for other categories unless the RO expressly specifies. If you know that, have checked the promotional literature, website, Facebook etc and there is no mention of requirements, why would the onus be on you to turn up with kit?
    I'm not arguing against the merit of kit, the need for kit or the decision of ROs to enforce kit, I'm just trying to understand why there's this grey area that can cause confusion.
    True, but if you are involved in an accident on the Highway then the "should" becomes a material factor in deciding blame.....

    Personally I don't see a grey area - in the absence of the RO specifying anything in advance, then assume you should take minimum kit PLUS whatever you think you might need in addition, and then see what the RO thinks on the day. I do agree that this should be made clearer in any pre-race publicity etc for the benefit of non FRA members and those who aren't familiar with the minimum kit requirements.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stumpy View Post
    True, but if you are involved in an accident on the Highway then the "should" becomes a material factor in deciding blame.....
    My point is, you're not going to get arrested for a 'should' - you might get tutted at or thought inconsiderate, but that's about it unless, as you say, it leads to something else. Likewise, my interpretation of 'best practice', in the absence of specific RO direction, is like an advisory - something where if you didn't take it and ultimately needed it, it would result in an 'I told you so' rather than being barred entry or disqualified; an attempt to shift liability should an insurance claim arise.
    I think if I'm going to take anything from this, it's that I shouldn't have felt quite so intimidated/like a novice in my early experiences of fell racing. For something which should have quite a straightforward, explicit explanation, there's a lot of talk of 'assumption' and 'just in case'. It seems that the way people treat the kit issue comes down to their ongoing experience of fell racing rather than them being able to actually reference a definitive answer.
    As Wheeze said, I am still a relative newcomer with probably 20 races under my belt. Easing myself in, the majority of these have been the 'country fair' type races - 7km, summer nights, local pub just out of view. In addition, many of the routes are over ground that I used to roam as a kid, when 'kit requirement' was your Bowie knife with matches and fishing wire in the handle, and an army surplus flask from Yeomans That probably brings with it a naivety that those who have already experienced an AL in December have left well behind.

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    Love that description of your younger self sloth! You have clearly always been ready for the outdoor life. Bowie knife should be added to FRA minimum kit list 😂.
    You have also realised the rather major range of events that huddle under the FRA umbrella. You can't easily legislate for all with a simple set of rules although we have cobbled along pretty well for the last 40 years.
    Anyway, if you respect the outdoors more than treasure a selfish desire not to carry the piffling regulation kit (for go faster?&#128580 then you will always do the right thing😉

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