The ends of my toes have been sore for a few years but I have put it down to pressure caused by running downhill. Recently I have had a couple of blisters on my toes which have not wanted to heal and a particularly large one on the back of my left heel which wouldn't heal and got infected and stopped me running/cycling for 6 weeks. When not exercising my feet are either red hot or freezing cold and sometimes bright purple which gave me a bit of a fright.Also, one of my fingers would randomly go white and lose sensation.

Today I have seen a NHS podiatrist who tells me that I have Reynaud's Syndrome. The soreness on my toes is chilblains.
She gave me a Doppler scan which has shown that my general circulation is fine, which is good news.She has given me lots of what seems good advice, the main thrust being to try and keep the extremities at a constant temperature as it is variations in temperature that makes things worse.

I am sure others on here will have had similar symptoms or diagnosis and wondered if they had any advice re types of dressings/socks/gloves/clothing that that may alleviate the problem both indoors and out.