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I've had Raynaud's in my hands for years. The first time it happened I thought my fingers were going to fall off! Dead man's fingers. It only happens to me after a run, especially if it's been wet and windy. Just cold and I'm fine. It always comes on about 10 minutes after I stop and lasts 30 minutes or so. It's quite uncomfortable when the blood comes back in. My wife says I've always been a 'cold person'! My hands are always cold as are my feet. She likes nothing better than me warning my feet up on her back in bed. She says I need to fatten up a bit.
The GP offered my beta blockers but I don't like to take stuff unless it's necessary. Beta blockers can make you feel a bit slowed up. Even if I wear gloves it happens so I just accept it.
It seems to be quite common up here, I think circulatory problems are rife in Scotland.
Beta-blockers make cold hands worse. Not good for runners in general as they slow the heart, but sometimes there is no alternative. Beta-blockers are, approximately, the opposite of the Salbutamol inhalers that are so popular in cycling.
Dexshell waterproof socks - NB not Sealskin - worn over the winter, with Injinji liners underneath, prevented my usual chilblains - highly recommended.