I didn't feel anything untoward during the race, but the day after the Carding Mill Canter I noticed a bit of stiffness in my left calf. I rested it for a week, but when running the following Saturday I had to walk after about a mile and a half. Since then I have been doing a bit of cycling, no running, but in today's sunshine I decided to try it on a little circuit near my home that usually takes about 12 minutes. After 7 minutes I walked the rest of the way.

I have a history of calf injuries, but previously always down at the Achilles tendon, and I know the exercises to deal with that. But this one is only a few inches below the back of the knee. It's one of those annoying little niggles that isn't particularly painful, but won't go away. I think a trip to the physio may be in order.