Just like the title says.

Planning on 17th/18th May (hopefully 17th, possibly 18th if needed to accommodate supports).

Iím not that fussed about running segments unsupported, and Iíve got support for most of Leg 3 and all of Leg 4, but in a perfect world Iíd have some company on Leg 2/5. Iím not asking strangers to come round the back oískiddaw with me, unless they have a Ďthingí for bogs.

One of my planed supports has dropped out. Iíve tried some sensible routes to get a new one (mates of my brother who lives locally, my local running club), but no dice. Everyone is either doing Old County Tops/Fairfield Horseshoe, or put off by my pace (Iím training at 18h pace, obviously my schedule will be slower).

If anyone fancies a lovely jog in the hills, let me know. Planning a 4am start, so Leg 2 would be 8am-ish, 5 would be 9pm-ish.

* I know thereís a BGR facebook group, but Iím not on FB, and would honestly rather run 13 miles on my own in the rain than sign up