Waiting for my play to start tonight I picked up a Bradford Theatres Programme and I noted amongst "forthcoming attractions":

Wet Wet Wet - well without Marti Pellow whom I thought was WWW?

Roy Orbison Story - well it has to be since he is dead

The Spice Girls Show - well more Wannabe than the real thing

Whitney - er not, she is dead

One Night Of Queen - er actually Freddy Mullen & The Works because Freddy cannot be with us.

PJ Proby Farewell Tour - ah the real thing, although at 81 this year he's way older than even me!

The King is Back - er no, Elvis is very,very dead

Let It Be - er I am sure that cannot really be The Beatles because, well, two are dead

My Leonard Cohen - er - I liked Leonard and he is def dead. Hallelujah!

New Jersey Boys - er - meaning not the Four Seasons (some of whom can no longer be with us tonight)

Bowie Experience -er - but surely?

Simon & Garfunkel Story - not them then but elsewhere I know that Art Garfunkel is still performing to his mother and stray dogs but at 77 years old? Simon has given up to count his money.

Mamma Mia! - but of course.

So I then came home and played some Mississippi delta blues like Robert Johnson. Now he was the real thing.