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Thread: Today's Resting

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    I have taken heed of your warning AK.

    I fancied some cheese and biscuits this evening and found a Garlic and Chive soft cheese mini roule in the fridge. Yes, it looked as good as it sounds, and as I was about to spread some on a biscuit I thought, how long have I had it?

    Use by 06/01/22 was the answer.

    In the bin it went and I had to make do with boring Cheddar!

    Thank you AK
    I think I'll buy some shares in Kraft.
    " dry as the Atacama desert".

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    I had very mild common cold symptoms from the middle of last week, but enough for me to replace Friday's planned hill reps with a walk/jog up Beacon Hill. It developed into a very uncomfortable cough yesterday, but a Covid lateral flow test was negative. Feeling a bit better today, but I have abandoned the idea of doing the Wardle Skyline race on Saturday.
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    I ended up having a day of total rest today. I knew the morning run was out of the question as I had to go into the office.

    But things didn't run as scheduled in the office and my eating was all over the place, so gym session then went out of the window. Did consider a brief treadmill run, but also got quite a large blister/hotspot under the skin on my heel from the weekend, and with a club session tomorrow night and a big weekend coming up, decided it was better to just abandon all plans today.
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