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Thread: Climbing gear for sale

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    Climbing gear for sale

    The following items were bought new and are around 10y old. They have never been used. They have been kept well out of direct sunlight in a room dimly lit by daylight through a partially closed blind:

    -Mammut 10mm static rope, EN1891 Typ A, 1x30m 1x65m lengths (once part of a full 95m length), orange in colour.

    -6off DMM 7kN karabiners

    -Petzl Fractio C16 harness, size 1, bagged with purchase receipt for £65, bought 25/7/09

    The following items are second hand from a well known auction site and i am unable to determine their condition due to not being, in any sense, an expert in climbing gear:

    -12off nuts of various sizes

    -1off Petzl descender

    I don't have a price in mind, this sort of gear is hard to sell. You'll need to collect it as i want you to see it all first. It's all going as one lot, you'll need to take it all!

    To arrange viewing please PM me
    Luke Appleyard, Wharfedale Harriers
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    Might be worth posting this on UKC forums, if you’ve not already.

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