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Thread: House central heating

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    House central heating

    Bloody heating system.

    I live in a 10yr old rented house. Very good house, extremely well built.

    I set the central heating to the lowest possible settings: 16C day and 10C night. Fact is, the indoor temperature is never below 21C.

    I spoke with the owner about this in the past, she said "it's because the house is well insulated", which is wrong. Yes, the house IS well insulated, but that's not the reason the temperature is so much higher than what we set. Heating engineer allegedly controlled the system and stated it's fine. At the time I decided not to bother as my language skill were so poor that it was too much hassle (I live in Germany, I spoke very little German at the time). Now I'm also inclined not to bother as we're moving soon.

    It's got to be the thermometer/thermostat simply wrongly calibrated.
    It sucks.

    Similar experience?

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    Is the temperature sensor (not necessarily integral to the controller, it may be remotely located) in such a location that it is not picking up the correct temperature...?

    Actually this usually works in the opposite direction... gets located too close to a radiator which then switches the htg off too quickly...

    I’m more expert on industrial-scale systems, but it sounds like it’s most likely an issue with either a temp sensor or the “back end” settings in your controller, I.e the set-point (the point at which the system switches on/off.... this may be controlled by a simple thermometer, or it may be a little more complex).... if you have a digital wall-mounted type controller, a heating engineer should be able to ‘interrogate’ it and see what’s happening...

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    Check if the system is producing any heat. If the thermostat is not calling for heat, all radiators should be cold. If they are not, something is wrong.

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