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Thread: Passing Clouds 2019

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    Passing Clouds 2019

    Only a few days to go to this year's Passing Clouds race. Hopefully the weather will be fine, although maybe not the heatwave from last year.

    11.00 start from Tittesworth Reservoir near Leek. It's well worth a visit.

    Full details on the club website.


    or for those of you who prefer facebook:
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    Results from this year’s race. Fantastic turn out -179 runners, almost 60 more than last few years. Overwhelmingly positive feedback from all the runners

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    Super race, excellent marshals and organisation. However ... I was falsely enticed into this race. Here lies the "idiot me not reading the rules correctly"
    I only did this race as it counts towards our Fell Series t-shirt. Oh no it doesn't!
    I had ran a Lake District trail Marathon with my lovely sister on the Sunday before 7hrs 34min of rubbish weather, bogs and screaming muscles. I really didn't want to run on Sunday as had no legs but thought .. "it doesn't matter where I come it will be the 2nd of 7 races for me to get the Fell Series t-shirt. Win win." I was last at the Roaches Trig point and really was "race the sweeper". I took over 1 runner before coming off Hen Cloud (the photographer had gone home and had a bath by this point). 1ml from the finish I saw one of our Club runners jogging home from the finish and he said "keep going just over a mile to the finish". Took over another 4 peeps to finish 6 from last. Still it's one more towards the coveted Club Fell Series T-shirt! Get in.
    Conversion on the way home with Club mates.
    Me "sorry to keep you all waiting. I have no legs but I do have another race in towards the T-shirt."
    Pete "no this is not in the Fell Series this is in the Fell Champs!"
    Me "FFS, you are kidding me? Oh well it's one towards the Club Champs then."
    Pete "Yes, you have points towards that. Well done. The Club Champs are Peak District Races on the tougher side so well done."
    Me "Great stuff. How does the Club Champs work?"
    Pete "there are 2 Long, 2 Medium, 2 Short and you have to do 1 of each and points are awarded to your position within the Club (women)."
    Me "so I didn't need to do it at all? I have now done 2 medium and I got 9pts at the 1st one (Kinder Downfall)as only one other Club woman turned up. I got 3 at Passing Clouds."
    Blooming hell. Great work though guys. Next year I may turn up to take photos with Beau Dog or marshal as going to do that same Marathon in the Lakes the week before on my own .. hopefully under 6 hrs haha.

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