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Thread: Scrap the BBC

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    Scrap the bbc

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    The BBC at it again. All their News channels are all over, and jumping on, the England cricket win bandwagon as if they were part of it. Leaving TMS to one side, BBC TV have shown no interest in covering Cricket for years.
    I am sure that very soon there will be a mass non payment of the licence fee. All it needs is someone to organise it. Fortunately I have started running again so do not have the time. (or the IT skills)!
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    Do not scrap the BBC. Far too valuable. TMS has kept the flame of cricket alive when the short-attention-span generation switched off watching on TV. Why do you think BBC keeps an eye on its viewing figures? Its not BBC's fault but the games fault. The red ball game is unintelligible to most watchers and the white ball game had to struggle to attract a new audience who had multiple other demands on their gnat-like attention. The World Cup might, just might, give that a boost.
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    I don't think the BBC should be covering cricket, at least not test match and international cricket.

    Why splash the sports budget on it? Use it for domestic competition.

    By all means report on the news.

    I grumble about some aspects of the BBC, but not here.
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