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Thread: Scrap the BBC

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    Quote Originally Posted by Travs View Post
    What cheesed me off with the radio yesterday was the pure hypocrisy... they’d been going on in the morning about the lack of Premier League this weekend, and an ideal chance to get to your local league club. Wanting people to text in with where they’re going etc.

    And with the recent publicity about money in the game and especially Bury and Bolton, it was an excellent chance to focus on a lower league game... not necessarily full commentary, but perhaps a comprehensive score service etc. Or even better a chance to focus on one of the major consequences of how football has gone recently... MK Dons vs AFC Wimbledon...

    But they just couldn’t leave it... more Manchester City. more Manchester United.

    Pure hypocrisy.

    I wasn’t going to revisit this thread as I prefer to talk running on here... but their coverage of the Great North Run this lunchtime got me in a rage...!!
    Local league club, nigh on 100 quid for a family ticket

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    Test Match Special (that is massaging my ears at the moment) is worth the licence fee.
    I agree about the sensationalism regarding populist sport.
    Iím not normally one for criticism of the BBC but also feel their journalism in the website is based on twitter trending and promotion of their programmes (Strictly etc...) rather than the ilk of John Simpson et al.
    The Proms though...again worth every penny in my opinion.

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