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Thread: Push lawnmower

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    We only have a small(ish) lawn and I've been using the same mains electric mower for 27 years; it's getting past its use-by date and I'm fed up with the trailing flex, as with the strimmer and hedge trimmer. Many manufacturers are now offering battery powered mowers (rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries) most have opted for 36 volts but E-Go use 50 volts and Atco use 80 volts. Several offer strimmers, hedge trimmers and chainsaws all using identical batteries - you could have a bank of 2 or 3 batteries on charge whilst using #1 battery and eliminate all trailing leads in the garden ....... I'm seriously tempted.
    Previous to the mains mower I did use a push along which I did find enjoyable but I found lots of straggly 'liggers' that it missed; the electric mower has a facility to suck these liggers upright before mowing them and the lawn is healthier for it.
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    Bought a cheap old eBay petrol one just now, 40.
    It works. Yellow. Looks super pretty.
    Noisy and smokey.
    Looking forward to give it a good go.

    Btw garden almost 200 feet long, no way a battery one could have done the job. Electric with super long cable too much of a hassle. Manual I fear too bloody hard.

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